Cedar Tree Removal

Cedar Tree Removal

Cedar trees in Texas have become an invasive issue we all have to deal with. These trees have become an issue to our beautiful hill country landscape and in this blog post we will go over how to remove cedar trees in a few different ways and their perspective costs. 

Pierce Land Clearing has a post on how to effectively remove cedar trees with a forestry mulcher that is worth a quick read. 

One fact that not many people realize is the amount of water consumed per cedar per day. A mature cedar can drink as much as 33 gallons per day. Let that sink in for a second, and since cedar tend to grow very quickly, and very closely to one and other this is a HUGE issue. Most of Central Texas drinking water comes from ground water, these cedars directly impact and reduce this usable amount for both humans and live stock. 

Cedar has gained the crown as Texas’ most hated tree and for good reason, aside from the massive impact to our water supply they are know to choke out our beloved live oaks and overtime, kill them off. But there is a much larger issue at hand. Cedar trees are very flammable and a strong fuel for wildfires, and specifically wildfires that get out of hand. Most Central Texas fires are spread by you guessed it, cedar trees. 

So what can be done? Being proactive in your cedar clearing is the only solution. Think of cedar trees as a cancer, found early your chances are much better. 

We offer a few services for handling clearing our cedar trees, the best method in our opinion is forestry mulching. We utilize high horsepower forestry mulchers that cut, and mulch the cedar trees. Leaving behind a nutrient rich mulch that helps to stabilize the soil

Cost To Clear Cedar Trees

The cost of the clear cedar trees usually ranges from $750-$1000 per acre for dozer clearing and $1000-$2000 per acre for clearing with a forestry mulcher. Both of these methods have pros and cons and we will go over those. The cost of clearing cedars, for the most part, is a one-time cost.

Both of the methods mentioned kill the existing tree and have low chances of regermination. The cost of clearing cedar trees is generally on the more affordable side of land clearing and improves your property and increases your property value. 

Cedar Tree Clearing Methods

There are two methods to clearing cedar trees, grubbing and burning, or mulching. Both have their pros and cons and both are very effective. As with all of your land clearing projects, there are a lot of contractors out there, so make sure you do your homework. Pierce Land Clearing is proud to be Central Texas top rated land clearing company and can handle both of these cedar tree clearing methods with ease. 

Removing Cedar Trees With A Bulldozer

One of the more cost effective methods of removing and clearing cedar trees is to use a small to the medium-sized bulldozer. We offer this service at a daily rate to make it easy to get your job done.

When clearing cedar with a dozer or often called grubbing, or pushing and piling it is important to understand a few things. When clearing with a bulldozer you are uprooting the tree and heavily disturbing the soil. With this if you are in city limits you might need a clearing permit and SWPPP plan.

Erosion mitigation should be something you are aware of and consider when clearing cedar trees with a bulldozer.

Finally, you will need to dispose of the trees, the most common method people do is burning. Make sure you check with your local fire department before burning and understand the risks in doing so. 

Clearing Cedar Trees With A Forestry Mulcher

Forestry mulching cedar trees is our preferred method of removal for a few reasons. First off it’s a one-and-done method. No, having to wait for the rain to burn or having to wait out a burn ban, once we are done mulching the jobs is complete.

Next, the process is far less damaging to the soil. Central Texas has a pretty weak topsoil layer and forestry mulching helps preserve that. With forestry mulching, you are less likely to need clearing permits and costly SWPPP plans along with erosion mitigation methods.

The nice thing about clearing cedar trees with forestry mulching is you just need one piece of equipment and you are all done.


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Cedar Tree Removal

Cedar Tree Removal Cedar trees in Texas have become an invasive issue we all have to deal with. These trees have become an issue to

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